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MAD News & Occasional Blog






“2020 Inaugural Golf Challenge Cup!”


After being muted for years, the Isis CC finally got in on at golf with the FFTMCC. The Golf Challenge Cup will hopefully roll on every year with the two teams taking it in turn to organise the day and nominate a charity to be the beneficiary of all surplus monies (The Maple Tree was this year’s recipient). A fun day out saw this year’s spoils going to the Isis CC, but next year…?



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“2021 Tour Announced …to Brighton (Again)!”


After this year’s coronavirus shambles, Mr Hotson has reached out and rescheduled Tour for the same neck of the coast next year, versus the same opposition that we didn’t play this year. The dates of Thursday, July 29 to Sunday, August 1 avoid a paucity of accommodation by avoiding a clash with the Gay Pride Parade the following weekend.



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“2020 Season Finally Starts!”


Wednesday July 15 will forever be the date that was synonymous with the return of MAD cricket following the UK lockdown. With the ECB finally advancing their roadmap for cricket’s return in adapted form (Stage 3 to 4), those grumpy old men in their discoloured whites could finally get back out on those fields to bitch and moan.



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“2020 Tour and Brasenose Sports Ground Cancelled!”


A double whammy of bad news for the FFTMCC on 24 June, as firstly news breaks about the cancellation of their much maligned Tour to Brighton followed by the Oxford colleges deciding to cancel the use of their grounds for cricket for the remainder of the summer. So, no home games at Brasenose and no fun by the seaside… at least for this year.



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“2020 Virtuality!”


Has it really come to this? A month into lockdown and Team MAD are now playing cricket… virtually, or at least having their skipper Mr Timms, devise cunning quizzes to occupy their shallow minds using the power of computers and an app called Zoom. This new cricketing format looks to continue into the year….







“2020 Season Suspended Indefinitely!”





2020 is shaping up to the worst season in the Club’s history with the ECB (England Wales Cricket Board) announcing on March 18 all recreational cricket to be suspended indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Worse was to follow with the closure of pubs and restaurants on the evening of March 20, soon to be followed by the eventual lockdown of the UK on March 23. Then PM Boris Johnson got ill, very ill, recovered (just) and had a baby….


There are no defining dates in the calendar as to when things may return to normal or if the cricket season may be revived, so it looks like Mike Reeves gets to keep his Player of the Season trophy a little longer….


Elsewhere, David Emerson is holed up in Wallingford with all the necessary gear and protection for a protracted fight against the killer virus…. But just remember, club mates….








“2020 Floods!”


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After a series of storms to blight the turn of the decade, Groundsman Dan is now officially taking bookings for carp fishing down at Brasenose this season. There are various package deals available and equipment rental for those not yet established in the sport.





“2020 Nets!”





After season 2019’s exertions, you are all cordially invited to rekindle your lack of cricketing abilities at Gosford Community Centre (OX5 2NU) in Kidlington. Nets will commence on Sunday, March 8 – running for five weeks with a gap in the middle for Mother’s Day. The skipper’s will be keeping an active log of who has done what and who hasn’t actually done much at all.


Nesting is likely to be £4+ per head with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes or until everyone is too shagged to continue. Dates are outlined below.







08 / 03 / 20



15 / 03 / 20



29 / 03 / 20



05 / 04 / 20





Following nets, it is expected players attending will make use of the nearby Six Bells pub (off Mill Street) for a pint thereafter, and then head back to Mr Darley’s digs for a well-earned Sunday roast.





“2019 AGM!”


Another AGM, another trip to the Blue Room atop the St Aldates Tavern, another serious drink and another season where Howarth wins nothing apart from the “Bloody Good Effort Old Chap” trophy….


Minutes and report can be found in the “2019 Match Report” section of the website.



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“2019 – Tour to Minehead!”


A fifth Tour of Duty to one of Somerset’s more iconic seaside resorts. The weather stayed great on the most part, the beer and cider flowed – and – The MAD won a game of cricket. Notable for people sleeping rough and putting most their alcohol on Jake Hotson’s hotel room, a write up of the matches and the obligatory ‘Player Ratings’ can be found in the usual “Match Reports” section of the website.



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“2018 AGM!”


The Far from the MCC’s 2018 Annual General Meeting was once again held in the refined quarters of the Blue Room, atop the St. Aldates Tavern in the centre of Oxford. It was the usual fare, whereby the club’s future and prosperity was mapped out diligently over the course of the evening as the team got plastered.


To read up on the minutes of an extremely well attended meeting, please navigate to the “2018 Match Reports” section of the website (footer), where you will find a link the details along with various photos from the evening.



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“2018 – MAD Lose Another Friendly Cup Final!”


As the sands of cricketing time run out and knees become increasingly knackered, the FFTMCC reached and lost another Friendly Cup Final this time to Moreton CC. Kindly hosted by Horspath CC who had plenty of beer to sell, The MAD failed to chase down a wholly implausible total whilst the action was beamed around the world live on YouTube. A great day out nonetheless and played in excellent spirit throughout.







“2018 – Tour to Felixstowe!”




One of the most gloriously sunny MAD Tours in living memory, the sojourn to Suffolk’s famous town of Felixstowe was a belter. Nobody won yet everybody won with new friendships forged along the way. Notable for Delia Smith and a drone, a write up of the matches and the obligatory ‘Player Ratings’ can be found in the usual “Match Reports” section of the website.




“2018 – Second MAD Book Launch!”


The Far from the MCC officially launched their second MAD book on Friday, July 6. Ten years after the previous incarnation lit up Oxfordshire in 2008, the Marsh Harrier pub once again played host as copies of ‘Never at This Level’ literally flew out the door (along with Gary Timms). A guaranteed best seller (at least within the team itself), the book charts the meteoric rise of a disparate pub team in 1998 to present day. Featuring full colour photos throughout and written contributions from several hands (some of it interesting), it can be yours for the paltry sum of just £10 + P&P. Details are on this website… somewhere….







“Bairstow Gets Batting Tips!”




Mike Ashley likes looking down on people, so here he is doing just that with help of some guy who is the spitting image of the guy who plays for England who is pretty good across all formats of the game.