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Team Photos 2008 - 2010






A chronological collection of team photos, still in existence, charting the progression of the Far from the MCC since their inception back in 1998 (formerly known as Jude the Obscure). Early specimens are photocopies of blurred film-stock, whereas more recent examples make use of what is commonly referred to as modern technology.







Hanney CC, Oxford.

- 2008




Back Row: Matt Bullock, Jake Hotson, Thornton Smith, Dan Edwards, Adie Small, Geoff Carter

Front Row: Ian Howarth, Mike Reeves, James Hoskins, Nick Hebbes




Jordan Hill, Oxford

- 2008




Back Row: Antony Mann, Thornton Smith, Andrew Darley, Jake Hotson, Matt Bullock, James Hoskins

Andrew Morley, Mike Clarke

Front Row: Dave Shorten, Dan Edwards, Steve Dobner, Ian Howarth




Blenheim Palace, Woodstock.

- 2008




Back Row: Jake Hotson, Mike Reeves, James Hoskins, Martin Westmoreland, Steve Dobner

Thornton Smith, Antony Mann

Front Row: Gary Littlechild, Dan Edwards, Ian Howarth, Nick Hebbes, Steve Parkinson




Cwrs Golff Heol Ashleigh, Mumbles. Wales.

- 2008


A group of people standing in a grass field posing for the camera

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From Left: Jake Hotson, Antony Mann, Steve Parkinson, Steve Hebbes, James Hoskins, Thornton Smith

Ian Howarth, Dave Shorten




Whitland CC, Mumbles. Wales.

- 2008



Back Row: Nick Hebbes, Mike Reeves, Ian Howarth, Antony Mann, James Hoskins

Jake Hotson, Steve Hebbes

Front Row: Steve Parkinson, Thornton Smith, Dave Shorten




Jordan Hill, Oxford

- 2008



Back Row: Antony Mann, Thornton Smith, Jake Hotson, Matt Bullock, James Hoskins, Andrew Morley, Mike Clarke

Front Row: Dave Shorten, Dan Edwards, Steve Dobner, Ian Howarth




Marsh Harrier Pub, Cowley.

- 2008




Back Row: Howard Jones, Ian Leggate, Steve Hebbes, Ade Fisher, Andrew Morley, Matt Bullock, Antony Mann

Ian Howarth, Andrew Darley, Mike Reeves

Middle Row: Nick Hebbes, James Hoskins, Martin Westmoreland, Dan Edwards

Front Row: Thornton Smith, Vicki Howarth, Adie Small




Drayton Golf Course, Abingdon.

- 2009



From Left: Ian Howarth, Dave Emerson, Steve Dobner, James Hoskins, Martin Westmoreland

Thornton Smith, Nick Hebbes, Dave Shorten




Blenheim Palace, Woodstock.

- 2009



Back Row: Martin Westmoreland, Ian Leggate, Nick Hebbes, Ade Fisher, James Hoskins

Mike Clarke, Thornton Smith

Front Row: Jake Hotson, Steve Dobner, Ian Howarth, Richard Hadfield, Dave Shorten




Cholsey, Oxford

- 2009



Back Row: Dave Emerson, Nick Hebbes, Thornton Smith, Steve Dobner

JP Collins, Jake Hotson

Front Row: James Hoskins, Dan Edwards, Ian Howarth, Martin Westmoreland, Dave Shorten




Tilsley Park, Abingdon.

- 2009




From left: Ian Leggate, Dan Edwards, Ian Howarth, Dave Emerson, James Hoskins

Martin Westmoreland, Andrew Darley




Horspath, Oxford.

- 2010



Back Row: Mike Reeves, Jake Hotson, Dave Emerson, Dan Edwards, Andrew Morley, Ian Howarth

Front Row: Martin Westmoreland, Thornton Smith, James Pearson, Ian Leggate, Nick Hebbes




Milton, Bloxham.

- 2010



Back Row: Steve Dobner, Matt Bullock, Andrew Darley, Dave Emerson, Nick Hebbes, James Hoskins, Thornton Smith

Front Row: Ian Howarth, Martin Westmoreland, Joe Puppy, James Pearson, Dan Edwards, Mike Reeves




Brasenose College Sports Ground, Oxford.

- 2010



Back Row: Ian Howarth, Daniel and Martin Westmoreland, Ian Leggate, Chris Roberts, Nick Hebbes

Gary Littlechild, Steve Parkinson

Front Row: Dave Emerson, James Hoskins, Thornton Smith, Steve Dobner




Jesus College, Oxford (with OU Offices)

- 2010




Back Row: Matthew Fleet, Henry Coleman, Mark Rundle, Helen Dugdale, Gareth Timms, Andrew Darley

Martin Zolkiewicz, Jake Hotson, Dave Emerson, Matt Bullock, Tom Malloy, Thornton Smith

Chris Roberts, Stephane Farenga

Front Row: Chris Williams, James Pearson, Dan Edwards, Martin Westmoreland,

Nick Hebbes, Ian Leggate, Patrick Mellor, Mike Reeves, James Hoskins




Appleton, Oxford.

- 2010



Back Row: Ian Howarth, Mike Reeves, Dan Edwards, Matt Bullock, James Pearson, Chris Roberts

Front Row: James Hoskins, Patrick Mellor, Ian Leggate, Thornton Smith, Dave Shorten




Honiton CC, Devon.

- 2010


A group of people posing for the camera

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Back Row: Ben Mander, Tony Mander, Jake Hotson, Nick Hebbes, Dan Edwards, Martin Westmoreland

Thornton Smith, Steve Dobner, Martin Bullock, Chris Roberts

Front Row: Ian Howarth, James Hoskins, Ian Leggate, Mike Reeves, Dave Emerson