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Team Photos 2013 Onwards….






A chronological collection of team photos, still in existence, charting the progression of the Far from the MCC since their inception back in 1998 (formerly known as Jude the Obscure). Early specimens are photocopies of blurred film-stock, whereas more recent examples make use of what is commonly referred to as modern technology.







Horspath, Oxford v Horspath CC.

- 2013


A group of people posing for a photo

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Back Row: Chris Roberts, Dave Emerson, Jon Newman, Russell Turner, Matt Bullock, James Hoskins

Front Row: Ian Howarth, Martin Westmoreland, Gary Timms, Steve Dobner




Wanborough, Swindon v Nomads CC.

- 2013



Back Row: Chris Roberts, Mark Rundle, Paddy Mellor, Martin Westmoreland, Matt Bullock

Dave Emerson, Geoff Carter

Front Row: Mike Reeves, Ian Howarth, Ian Leggate, Jon Newman




Woodstock, Oxford v Wootton & Bladon CC.

- 2013



Back Row: Jake Hotson, Dave Emerson, Paddy Mellor, Mark Rundle, Ian Howarth

Russell Turner, Mike Reeves

Front Row: Ian Leggate, Gary Timms, Martin Westmoreland, Jon Newman




Blewbury, Oxford v Blewbury & Upton CC

- 2013



Back Row: James Hoskins, Jake Hotson, Chris Roberts, Thornton Smith

James Pearson, Nick Hill

Front Row: Dave Shorten, Richard Hadfield, Ian Howarth, Dave Emerson, Gary Timms




Queens College, Oxford v Isis CC.

- 2013



Back Row: Geoff Carter, Chris Roberts, Matt Bullock, Dave Emerson, Ian Leggate

James Pearson, Jon Newman

Front Row: Ian Howarth, Martin Westmoreland, Adam Ward, Gary Timms




Harwell Industrial Business Estate, Oxford v Harwell CC.

- 2013



Back Row: Ian Howarth, Geoff carter, Jake Hotson

Front Row: Mark Rundle, Chris Roberts, James Hoskins, Thornton Smith, Gary Timms

Dave Emerson, Mike Reeves, Rahman Alizha




Brasenose College, Oxford v Harwell CC.

- 2013



Back Row: Stuart Ackland

Middle Row: Thornton Smith, Mark Rundle, Gary Timms, Ian Howarth, Danial Emerson

Front Row: Mike Reeves, Dave Emerson, James Pearson, Chris Roberts




Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset v WSMCC.

- 2013



Back Row (standing): Matt Bullock, Ian Howarth, Jake Hotson, Chris Roberts, Paddy Mellor, Russ Turner

Thornton Smith, Mark Rundle, James Hoskins

Front Row: Giant Duck, Gary Littlechild, Martin Westmoreland, Mike Reeves

Dave Emerson, Steve Dobner




Weston-super-Mare (adjoining pitch), North Somerset v Belvedere CC.

- 2013



Back Row: Mark Rundle, Chris Roberts, Thornton Smith, Ian Howarth, Dave Emerson

Middle Row: James Hoskins, Matt Bullock, Russ Turner

Front Row: Steve Dobner, Martin Westmoreland, Mike Reeves, Jake Hotson

Judas (Far Right): Paddy Mellor




Horspath CC, Oxford.

- 2014



Back Row: Mike Reeves, Chris Roberts, Matthew Reading, Paddy Mellor, Geoff Carter

Quintin Sanders, Dave Emerson

Front Row: James Pearson, Gary Timms, Ian Howarth, Steve Dobner




Wootton & Boars Hill CC, Oxford.

- 2014



Back Row: Thornton Smith, Martin Westmoreland, Dave Emerson, Geoff Carter

Chris Roberts, Jake Hotson

Front Row: Ian Howarth, James Pearson, Russell Turner, James Hoskins




Jordan Hill, Oxford v OUP.

- 2014



Back Row: Russell Turner, Chris Roberts, Thornton Smith, Geoff Carter

Jon Newman, Mark Rundle

Front Row: Dave Emerson, James Hoskins, Ian Howarth, Steve Dobner, Mike Reeves




Harwell Industrial Business Estate, Oxford v Harwell CC.

- 2014



Back Row: Danial Emerson, Ian Howarth, Mark Rundle, Jon Newman, Mike Reeves

James Pearson, Dave Emerson

Front Row: Giant Duck, Mark Shelley, Thornton Smith, Dave Shorten




Warriner School, Bloxham v Milton CC.

- 2014


A group of people posing for a photo

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Back Row: Dave Shorten, Russ Turner, Matt Bullock, Paddy Mellor, Mark Rundle

Jon Newman, Martin Westmoreland, Jake Hotson

Front Row: Ian Howarth, Gary Timms, Giant Duck, Mike Reeves, James Pearson




Shirehall, Shrewsbury v Wroxeter Grove CC.

- 2014



Back Row: Geoff Carter, Jake Hotson, Mark Rundle, Gary Timms, Matt Bullock

Steve Dobner, Martin Westmoreland, Russ Turner

Middle Row: Mike Reeves & Giant Duck, Duck, Paddy Mellor, Thornton Smith

Front on floor: Ian Howarth

Behind Camera: James Hoskins