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Team Photos 1999 - 2007






A chronological collection of team photos, still in existence, charting the progression of the Far from the MCC since their inception back in 1998 (formerly known as Jude the Obscure). Early specimens are photocopies of blurred film-stock, whereas more recent examples make use of what is commonly referred to as modern technology.







Little Bredy, Weymouth

- 1999




Back Row: Howard Jones, Nigel Sawyer, Martin Hurley

Next Row: Matt Bullock, Mike O'Leary

Next Row: James Hoskins, Ed Lester, Antony Mann

Front Row: Gus Da Cenha, Chris Legg




Martinstown, Dorchester. Devon.

- 2000




Back Row: Jake Hotson, Tony Mander, Greg Le Tocq, Clare Norris, Matt Bullock, Ed Lester, Ben Mander, James Hoskins
Front Row: Phil Holt, Antony Mann, Leo Phillips




Pembroke College Sports Ground, Oxford

- 2001




Back Row: Ed Lester, Ruth Lester, Niraj, James Mander, Matt Bullock, Jake Hotson, James Hoskins, Thornton Smith
Front Row: Ade Fisher, Antony Mann, Tony Mander, Ben Mander




Minehead, Somerset

- 2003




Back Row: Jake Hotson, ?, Ruth Lester, Tony Mander, Ed Lester, Ian Howarth, Thornton Smith

Martin Westmoreland, Matt Bullock, Steve Hebbes, Kim Dobner

Front Row: James Hoskins, Steve Dobner, Nick Hebbes




Timberscombe, Somerset

- 2003




Back Row: Steve Dobner, Thornton Smith, James Hoskins, Ian Howarth, Nick Hebbes, ?, Michael Horton

Front Row: Jake Hotson, Ruth Lester, Ed Lester, Martin Westmoreland, Steve Hebbes, Kim Dobner




Timberscombe, Somerset

- 2004




Back Row: Ade Fisher, Nick Hebbes, Tony Mander, Antony Mann, John Harris, Steve Dobner, Matt Bullock

Ed Lester, Thornton Smith, Mike Clarke

Front Row: Ian Howarth, Martin Westmoreland, James Hoskins, Steve Hebbes, Jake Hotson (after kettle injury)




Timberscombe, Somerset

- 2005


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Back Row: James Hoskins, Jake Hotson, John Harris, Matt Bullock, Steve Dobner, Dan Edwards, Thornton Smith

Mike Clarke, Ben Mander

Front Row: Martin Westmoreland, Ian Howarth, Tony Mander, Nick Hebbes




Cholsey, Oxford

- 2006




Back Row: Jake Hotson, Geoff Carter, James Hoskins, Matt Bullock, Nick Hebbes, Thornton Smith, Steve Dobner

Front Row: Martin Westmoreland, Gary Littlechild, Ian Howarth




Holton, Oxford

- 2006




Back Row: Jake Hotson, Dan Edwards, Martin Westmoreland, Andrew Morley, Thornton Smith, Antony Mann

Matt Bullock, Nick Hebbes, James Hoskins, Andrew Cavanagh

Front Row: Ian Howarth, Steve Parkinson




Pembroke College Sports Ground, Oxford

- 2006




Back Row: Matt Bullock, Ian Howarth, Nick Hebbes, Antony Mann, Steve Dobner

Middle Row: Andrew Cavanagh, Martin Westmoreland, Thornton Smith, Steve Parkinson, Dan Edwards, Jake Hotson

Front Row: James Hoskins




Pembroke College Sports Ground, Oxford

- 2006



Back Row: Andrew Cavanagh, Matt Bullock, Martin Westmoreland, Ian Howarth, Dan Edwards, Steve Dobner

Jake Hotson, Mike Reeves, Adie Small

Front Row: Thornton Smith, Steve Parkinson, Andrew Morley, Antony Mann




Pembroke College Sports Ground, Oxford

- 2007


A group of people posing for a photo

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Back Row: Ade Fisher, Antony Mann, Jake Hotson

Middle Row: Daniel and Martin Westmoreland, Ian Howarth, Matt Bullock, James Hoskins

Front Row: Adie Small, Mike Clarke, Thornton Smith, Nick Hebbes, Geoff Carter